Watch Blood Moon During Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday

The First lunar eclipse occurred on April 15th, 2014. It was visible completely in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tomorrow moon will disappear 2nd time in 2014, when total lunar eclipse (Lunar eclipse occurs when Sun, Moon and Earth are so align that sun’s light cannot reach moon properly giving it a red color)  will occure.
In the April 15 eclipse, perceived above the Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial in Brasília, Brazil, the moon acquires a reddish hue as sunlight bends through the Earth's atmospheric dust.

Why Blood Moon is rare?

A lunar eclipse occurs when moon passes behind the earth into its shadow. Moon takes 28 days or so to complete its one revolution, so why eclipse doesn’t occur every time moons passes behind the earth?

Answer lies in the tilt orbit of moon. This usually helps it to be little bit out of the alignment of Sun and Earth. The straight alignment needed for the eclipse to occur usually once in few years.
This year is rare with not one but four full lunar eclipses. This pattern won’t happen again until next 20 years.

People of North America will have front seat for this special life time event. But unfortunately Africa, Europe and the Middle East will be on wrong side on right side. They won’t even see the in their skies.

When will eclipse happen?

The eclipse will began when the Moon will enter the earth’s Umbra Shadow (Dark Shadow). That Begins at 2:15 am PDT (5:15 am EDT). Then eclipse will spread over Moon from left to right.

At 3:25 am PDT (5:15 am EDT) full eclipse will occur and Moon will turn Orange Red.

Why is Blood Moon Red?

Off course if it isn’t res who will call it a Blood Moon. It is because when Sun light shining through the outer atmosphere passes the dust its refracted and the Red part of the light is cast onto the Moon’s surface.

Image credit: NASA / Keith Burns