"This Hard Drive will Self-Destruct in 3,2...."

Self-Destruct Hard Drives

 in spy movies like “MI Series” or for years and may be some special gadgets have been made with self-destruct ability but recently “Secure Drives” has announced a “Hard Drive” with self-Destruct capability.

Indeed, many encryption methods are currently in use to secure data on Hard Drives as they main source of secondary storage for users ranging from a Home-User to a sophisticated Army Intelligence Department.

But sometimes these encryption methods are providing the absolute surety, So now if someone is trying to steal your data your Hard Drive will automatically format before he does so!!!

These “Self-Destruct Hard Drives” come with a built-in GSM connection enabling the owner to erase all data stored on the Drive by just a SMS. There is of course a standard encryption protocol and this will serve as extra layer of security or more precisely as a “Kill Switch”.

There two types of Self-Destruct Drives available:
Crypto-sanitise (Which wipes data).

So what’s the price? 

The drives come with initially with 128 GB storage that has 20nm NAND flash memory and 256-Bit AES encryption. The price starts from just £967. The GSM facility is free for first year and is charged £29/-year onward.
At this price it’s obvious that it’ll be mainly used by corporative firms etc.