PhotoMath use your phone camera to solve Maths!

Need a minute help getting over your next big math test? MicroBlink has an app that could help you homework more effectually -- possibly too well. 
             Its newly revealed PhotoMath for iOS and Windows Phone (Android is due in early 2015) uses your smartphone's camera to shot math equalities and not only resolve them, but show the stages intricate. Officially, it's meant to save you time tossing through a textbook to form answers when you're doing assignment or stuffing for a test. 

            However, there's a worry that this could belittle learning -- just because it displays you how to solve a problem doesn't mean that the information will actually descend in. And if teachers don't seize smartphones at the door, dishonest students could cheat when no one is observing. The probabilities of that happening aren't very high at this phase, but apps like this propose that schools might have to be watchful in the forthcoming.