Nexus 6 Vs iPhone 6 Plus

Nexus 6 Vs iPhone 6 Plus


Comparison of specs and features of nexus6 to the iPhone 6 Plus. So we have got a battle here between android Vs Apple once again. Both are the fabulous devices on the larger side.
So what are the key differences between these two let’s find out:


Starting with the size difference,() the nexus6 does come in the larger size than the iPhone 6 Plus, Roughly about 1.2 mm in terms of the height. So not so much taller but it is a 5.2mm larger in terms of the width, it’s also three mm thicker. Nexus6 is quite a large device as iPhone is already considered as large device nexus6 is larger than that,  so this is definitely something to keep in mind.

Screen Size:

   Due to the larger dimensions, nexus6 has almost 6 inch screen (5.96 inches AMOLED). Whereas iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch LED-Backlit IPS Screen. So the nexus6 has one of the larger screens in the same category mobiles. 
           There also a difference in resolution, we’ve got a full 1920*1080 pixels (~401 ppi pixels density). The nexus6 has 2560*1440 pixels (~493 ppi pixels density). So the resolution definitely goes to the nexus6. But I don’t think you are going to notice a huge deal of difference in terms of resolution until you want to. 


Nexus6 (184 g) comes with 12g larger weight then iPhone 6 plus (172g). Not a huge deal of difference. This comes down to the built, iPhone 6 Plus has a full metal built or Aluminium Unibody (Silver, Gold and Space Grey). It’s definitely a premium built.
Nexus6 is a pretty large like Moto X, you have got a metal-frame with a plastic back, with a nice curved back which gonna feel quite nice in hand.


iPhone 6 Plus has a Dual core 14 Ghz processor and this is the Apple A8 64Bit chip. It has also got M8 motion coprocessor.
Nexus6 is going to come with Snapdragon 805 (Quad-core 2.7 Ghz) and the Adreno 420 GPU. So these are the same as Samsung Galaxy note 4 has, some of the best out there. iPhone 6 Plus does seems low, but because of the software optimization we have two put these two side by side.


In terms of the RAM, iPhone 6 Plus comes with just 1GB of RAM but nexus6 has 3GB of RAM. So have definitely got an advantage here in terms of multi-tasking, the nexus6 has an edge here.

Storage Version:

iPhone 6 Plus comes in 16/32/64/128 GB version available at different prices (Not-expandable). Nexus6 comes 32/64 GB (Not-expandable).


iPhone 6 Plus has 8 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization. It’s absolutely a great camera. Nexus6 has 13MP camera which also has OIS (Dual LED ring flash). Nexus6 has the edge in camera quality. 
Talking about Video quality, iPhone 6 Plus can film upto1080p@60fps we’ve also got 720p@240fps. iPhone 6 Plus also has slow motion filming. On nexus6 you can however film up to 4k UHD so that’s 2160p@30fps, which is absolutely great. 

Front Camera:

In term of front facing camera iPhone 6 Plus has a 1.2MP 720p. nexus6 has 2MP camera capable of filming 1080p.

Operating system:

iPhone has got iOS 8 latest version. Nexus6 also has the Android OS, v5 (lollipop) the latest Android version. The big advantage you have got on both of thes devices is that you will get updates directly from the manufacturer (Apple & Google). You will not going to have to wait around for 3rd party, like in other devices. In terms of iOS and Android this will come to your personal preference.
         Now quickly touching some other differences:

Charging Connector:

The iPhone 6 Plus uses a lightning connector, this is proprietary and it’s from apple so it is expensive. Nexus6 has a micro USB connector. It’s cheaper and more universal.
Nexus6 has dual front facing speakers this will give you much more immersive sound compare to the iPhone 6 Plus which has a bottom facing speaker.

Touch ID/ finger print scanner:

  One thing that iPhone 6 has but nexus 6 doesn't is the touch ID/finger print scanner on the Home button. This works really well, you can use it to pay at itunes or unlock your device.


iPhone 6 Plus has a Li-Ion 2915 mAh (Non-removable). It can give you over a full day, even with heavy usage. Nexus6 has Li-Ion 3220 mAh (Non-removable) battery.  One advantage you have with nexus6 is turbo charging.

With all these specs both of these devices are head to head with each other. In my personal opinion nexus6 is a better device than iPhone 6 Plus. But you can’t say anything about iPhone luxury.