Mobile Phone batteries

Mobile device, we use them everyday.  They have gotten faster over the years, with more powerful processors (2 Cores, 4 Cores and 8 Cores), better graphics, more RAM, more memory and can do more in less time, with more pixels, more Megapixels, more fun, more integral in our societies behaviour than ever before.  Mobile devices provide technology for the old or for the young. Technology for everyone, it has got into that where we don’t have to be human to them. They have gotten lighter, Developed bigger screens and are pact with more entertainment. 
But what does it all mean? Where does this all leave us, if the battery runs out before we get home? 
                                                                                                                                                                                           I present to you the Achilles heal of all devices today “The battery life”. 
               Firstly we must ask ourselves Why is battery technology still not up to scratch? 


Lithium Ion battery technology, is the most commonly used battery technology used in all our devices. This battery type suffers from a phenomenon called aging. Theoretically from the very first time you boot up your device, the potential to hold charge diminishes, warm environments make things worst. 


Secondly these batteries are expensive. They cost 40% more than the nickel-Cadmium batteries and this can be major issue when it comes to mass production.

High Internal Resistance:

Thirdly these kinds of batteries have high internal resistance, limiting their efficiency.