Invisible Clock turns reality

Scientists at the University of Rochester encouraged perhaps by Harry Potter’s hiddenness cloak, made several ways—some simple and some relating new technologies—to hide matter from view.

The newest effort, made at the University of Rochester, not only overpowers some of the limits of previous devices, but it uses low-cost, readily accessible materials in a novel formation.

John Howell, a lecturer of physics at the University of Rochester, said:

“There’ve been many great tech methods to cloaking and 
the basic idea in arrears these is to take light and have it pass 
about something as if it isn’t there, frequently 
using high-tech or unusual materials.”

Prior the particular components, Howell and graduate student Joseph Choi developed a mixture of four standard lenses that retains the object hidden as the viewer changes up to several degrees away from the ideal viewing place.

So How does it works??? D-News Explain: