Google’s Inbox is A New Email App From The Gmail Team Designed Not To Be Gmail

Google has presented a new email app, from the same squad that shapes Gmail, but planned as something totally different from Gmail. Inbox is the app, and it aspects like it might owe some encouragement to Mailbox, and to Google Now.

The new Inbox app is accessible to a limited user group only, and will be increasing its user pool via an invitation system similar to the one that Google used for Gmail. It is offered cross-platform, though, as an app for iOS, web and Android. You can also email Google at to wish access, if you don’t like your risks of getting an request from a friend.

bWhat Inbox does otherwise than Gmail is present you with your info in a way that’s meant at making content contextually related, instead of just obtainable as it comes in. Email’s development has caused in an awkward system – what began as system for rare communication from a single computer-generated location is now roughly with take with us everywhere, with a size that can perplex users.

Inbox has a quantity of features to try to service email users stay on top of things, with Packages (a way to group alike types of email collected habitually, for case all receipts); Highlights, which brings up flying info, event particulars, and media from close friends and family so you don’t slip them; and a diversity of Google Now type structures listed as Prompts, Assists and Dozes that act as a built-in todo list, whole with related info finders, like listing first hours next to a cafeteria when you have a get-together there reserved.

Inbox looks like a plan with some potential, but it begs the query of why this needs to exist separate Gmail proper. Maybe it’s a bit too new, and Google is concerned about these features turning off long-time users, so it’ll keep trial bits in this sandbox before regular them back in.