Germany Scrapped Tuition Fees!!!

Free Education!!!

All German Universities will now offer free education starting from its policies to be the same as for all other country. Germany policy makers say that free education is everybody’s birth right and tuition fees are fair for the poorer part of the people, who are as much capable as rich people are.

“Tuition fees are socially unjust” Said Corothee Stapelfeldt.
(Senator of Science in Hamburg, a region which scrapped fees in back 2012)
Every politician is trying to ensure that every student gets the high quality education free of cost all over the country.
A Spokesman from the country’s leading political party( Social Democrates) Said during elections last March:
“Tuition fees keep young people from low income families from studying and are socially disruptive.”

Dr Holger Fischer, vice-president of :
      “ free from 
        beginning to end, and that is very difficult to change.”
The students in Germany admit to think that it is foolish to charge someone for learning.

International Students can also benefit from this free education system. Master degrees are not included in this plan, But it’s still cheaper as compared to countries like U.S for post-grad study.

Germany has followed in footsteps of countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark all of which offer free education (State funded Education).